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Car Title Loans

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CAR Title Loans, also known as "Pink Slip" Loans or "U-Drive" Loans, are designed to help you with your immediate cash needs by using your vehicle as collateral for a cash loan. CAR Title Loans differ from AUTO Pawn Loans, in that CAR Title Loan customers keep their vehicles and drive them, while making their payments to RPM Lenders during the course of the loan.


CAR Title Loans are easily structured and can provide you with as long as 36 month repayment terms. The minimium loan size for Car Title Loans is $2,600. Your payments are usually for small, easy payments. The Loan has no pre-payment penalty, so you can pay off the Loan at anytime. Its that simple!


You will need the following items for an CAR Title Loans:

  1. You must own a vehicle with a free and clear Title (pink slip).
  2. A $2,600 value of your vehicle or more. Classics, Collectible & Exotics
    Qualify. Ask your Loan Agent.
  3. Proof of Vehicle Insurance.
  4. Proof of Employment or if Self Employed proof of income or proof of
    Social Security, Disability, or Unemployment Benefits.
  5. A recent Phone Bill and Utility Bill for your current address.

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